About the Edwards Reunion Web Site.

The site was established in June 2006 shortly after the reunion.  Purchase of the domain name ($50 for 5 years) was funded by SFTE with funds from the reunion.  Web site hosting, development and maintenance was and is done by Larry Gorden.

We have no Site Instrumentation Engineer so there is no test instrumentation (no orange cables, boxes, or code) and no data recording.  When taking it for a test flight, have your kneepad (or Windows Notepad) available for making notes on conditions and "seat of the pants" evaluation.  Although this is a very basic (cheap) site, controls are fly-by-wire so yaw/pitch/roll response can be quickly adjusted.  If you have site operational comments, contact the Crew Chief.

Ron Hart was a major advisor and contributor when creating the site.

Pete Adolph and Hildy acted as Technical Directors during initial site creation.

Bob Kennington made significant contributions by searching and finding information on deceased (see "In Memoriam" page)


Site Changes recorded here.

July-August 2015  Made significant changes to the "In Memoriam" page thanks to the effort of Bob Kennington in searching for information on deceased.  Most entries on the page are now linked to additional details on the person.

11/10/14  Modified site to show 2014 reunion photos and wrap-up info on home page.  Added the "In Memoriam" page

04/05/14  Published final update of web site & Registration Form for 2014 reunion before notifying everyone.

03/02/14  Updated home page with more details on 2014 reunion.

02/15/14  Archived 2010 reunion, modified home page with initial planning info for 2014.  Removed the hit counter since it wasn't working.  Removed link to Yahoo discussion group, that brilliant idea didn't work out.

06/20/10  Updated web site with initial reunion wrap-up info, including links to photos.

03/21/10  Final update for 2012 Reunion with detailed schedule.

01/20/10  Updated web site with more detailed info and included Registration Form.

12/12/2009  Updated web site with more detailed plans for upcoming reunion.  Flyers will be sent out after the web site is finalized -- which will be finalized after the flyer is finalized.  We've changed to flyer to send in payment with the registration.  Sam Jackson, Ron Hart, and I have been reviewing and revising the Registration Form.

Nov 2009 Began working on the web page using the flyer Sam Jackson provided to me.  Modeled the web site home page after the flyer.

6/25/2009  Updated planning info per meeting yesterday.  During planning, only major changes to the site will be recorded here.

6/11/2009  Added initial planning info for 2010 reunion.  First planning committee meeting was just held.

12/02/2007  Added "How Does it Fly" video.

11/03/2007  Changed home page hit counter.  Front Page counter quit working and reset to "1" after uninstall/install of Web Expressions on server.  Now using a CGI script (named "HitCounter") from the web host (Bluehost) "CGI Center".  Last recorded hit count was 643 hits 1 Oct.  I estimated 200 hits for Nov based on past usage and started the counter at 643+200 = 843.