Nostalgia - Pictures and information from the past.

YouTube Channel (by airailimages) with 1950's-60's video clips of aircraft testing at Edwards Air Force Base.  NEW Dec 2015

How Does it Fly - Video circa 1970 of Flight Test Engineering at the USAF Flight Test Center (Edwards AFB)

Book: "Flight Testing at Edwards"  This book has interesting, humorous, and exciting stories from several flight test engineers.

Then and Now - A collection of photos covering many years.  Most of these came from a CD created by Wayne Olsen for the 2002 Reunion.

1950 Performance Engineering Org chart

1957 Flight Test Engineering Division with Yearbook pictures.

1970 6512th Test Group (Engineering) Yearbook.

1982 6520 Test Group (Engineering) Awards Day (1.4 MB pdf file) - from Ron Hart

1984 6520 Test Group Org' Chart and Flight Dynamics Division (EN) Roster - from Ron Hart

1985 6520 Test Group Roster - from Ron Hart

1986 6520 Test Group Org' Chart -  from Ron Hart

1987 Flight Dynamics Division (ENF) personnel list - from Ron Hart

1992 B-2 CTF Org Chart - from Ron Hart

Johnny Armstrong 50 years service article.

Ron Hart pictures and story - Story and various keepsakes from Ron's career, B-17, B-1, B-2, etc.